Industrial Design

ICSID(International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) has put forward that industrial design is a kind of creative activity with the purpose of establising the multi-faceted qualities of objects, services and their systems in whole life-cycles.

Hundreds of Subject Research in LED field make RUI More Professional

RUIDesign provide clients with LED product innovative design services. LED product design is a whole innovation integrating with optical, thermal, mechanical and electronical design. In past four years, RUIDesign insisted on completing researches on the subjects of new materials, competing products, developing trends and light requirementsl. We will keep this spirit of learning and researching. 

Professional Heat Dissipation Analysis and Optical Innovation Team

RUIDesign provide clients with LED product innovative design services. LED product design is a whole innovation integrating with optical, thermal, mechanical and electronical design. In past four years, RUIDesign insisted on completing researches on the subjects of new materials, competing products, developing trends and light requirementsl. We will keep this spirit of learning and researching. 

Product animation is more and more being paid attention to in modern marketing. It will become standard promoting method of marketing in the future. There is no doubt that animation has become one of the best ways to communicate with clients because its strong and unique audio-visual effect. Visualized, stereoscopic and accurate means of expression could lead audiences to get to know your products and business contents.

Face-to-Face Communication with Clients

RUIDesign hope to communicate with our clients and consumers on lights’ professional and unique characteristics through animations. Comparing to other advertising or design agencies, we have advantages as below:
1. We know LED products very well, which can greatly increase our communication efficiency and decrease the communication cost 
2. Customized animation for special products: thermal performance, structure features, and installation expression animation and so on. With small sizes, these animations apply to be demonstrated on the internet.
3. We aware of our clients’ pressure from cost so that we offer services at different price ranges. Clients can customize suited designing scheme according to their exact requirements.

Traditional Sales Model May Be Changed

After spending so much time and money on developing new products, informations might be omitted when we promote the figures, usages, and installation methods to market. Or the cost may be too high for companies to train large amount of salesmen. With the animation, all your salesmen need is to negotiate and deal with the clients. Meanwhile, your clients can use the animation to communicate with their clients. Animation will become a value-added service at this point.
Customised Light
The Meaning of Customizing

Customized streetlight are needed in cities: there are streetlight modification works in many cities in China. Every city has its own history and culture, so streetlights should has their own unique characters. Design unique plans of lights can not only enhance the image and appearance of a city but also promote citizen’s sense of belonging.
Characteristic landscape lights are needed in scenic areas. We hope lights can become the attractive highlight of a scenic area. 
Distinctive lighting features are needed in hotels. Lights that match the theme and style of hotel can make the hotel’s theme more distinct.

Why RUIDesign could customize lighting features

We know not only lighting but also lights.
There are usually light customizing departments in lighting design companies. However, it is lighting design rather than the appearance of lights that they good at. Thus, it is hard for them to present industrial design that could perfectly engaged with surroundings. Comparing with lighting design companies, we know lighting (illuminance, glare, color temperature), lights (appearance, structure, heat dissipation, protection), and processes (sand cast, die cast,metal plate, stretch). 

Rich projects experience 
RUIDesign was experienced in streetlight, landscape light and hotel light design. RUI has completed over ten engineering projects including urban road projects for Daqing, Zhangzhou, Laizhou, Birmingham and the three gorges scenic reagion project, Zhangjiajie scenic reagion project and so on. High praises were given from all clients.

Ability to visualize cultural concepts
The most difficult part of light customizing is to visualize the culture of different cities, scenic regions, and hotels and extract the expressive elements. RUI team masters various kinds of design styles like classic and modern.

Perfect supply chain resources
Based on strong supply chain resources in Pearl River Delta, we have established great relationships with vendors of hand model, lamp post, ironwares, drivers and so on.
Strategy & Consulting
The strategy and consulting service of RUIDesign help clients to have an insight into their target consumer group and determine their market positions. RUI plans new brand image for client’s products or product lines, and create their differented advantages and competitiveness.

Innovation of Aesthetics/Experience/Business Model

An excellent product can not only provide aesthetics value of visual and perfect user experience, but also establish a business model fits its company.
Therefore, RUIDesign has begun to pay attention to research user experience and service design since RUIStudy was founded in 2012. We discussed with enterprises which have same value with RUI, and accumulated many approaches and tools and professional team in the field of LED design. 
We help our clients to realize their growth potentials in business. These potentials will be enhanced through RUI’s product design and plan, positioning optimization, making strategic goals.
Supply Chain Service
After ten years of accumulation, RUI team has obtained perfect supply chain management system.

Perfect supply chain management system: from design to manufacture

Design resource magagement
RUIDesign has kept in great relationship with upstream and downstream cooperative partners. We have superior partners who can offer good services in each link of product development and manufacture. We strive to provide clients with supply chain management platform to explore connections between different customer groups while making full use of resources.

Manufacture resource management 
RUIDesign has integrated supply chain resources covered all kinds of needs: hand model testing, mould making, manufacture, materials and processes and so on in ten years professional experiences. Through cooperation with superior companies, we has established professional and practical manufacture platform. We offer our clients most effective supports in order to ensure the high quality and value of their products.

We hold the balance between quality and cost

RUIDesign has the experiences of over 500 projects since its establishment. We summarized a set of service method including functional vertification, mould vertification, mould manufacture, manufacturing statistic report, manufacturing technique sorting, SOP, complete machine test standard, industry test report and so on. We promise to reduce cost maximumly of product while ensuring its high quality.
Enterprise Training
Big Data will help create a new generation of product category and business model

Among various of new words derived from internet, “big data” is the one which is worthy of attention. At least both RUIDesign and Mayun think so.

The advantages of “big data” are as followed:
1 Big data can be used by enterprises which offer huge amount of consumers with products or services for precise marketing;
2 Big data can be used by enterprises which has the business model of small and beautiful;
3 Big data can be used by traditional enterprises which must transform under the pressure of internet

We not only own the data but also know the data

Mobile phone data
RUIDesign has begun to pay close attention to latest news of leading brands in LED lights industry since its establishment. We search information both online and offline. We also have our own information gathering center in different countries. This tradition help us to improve our vision and locate our markets.

Data Analysis
The key to big data is not about its amount, but about its value. For enterprises, how to take advantage of these large amount of datas is the key to in maketing competitions.Using related datas and analysis can help enterprises to lower costs, increase efficiency, develop new products, make clearer business decisions and so on. RUIDesign hope to assist clients in doing these valuable things.

RUIDesign Interprets Industry Trends Deeply for Decision Making Level in Enterprises 

RUIDesign is familiar with the fields of commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, tranboundary products and so on. We have latest understanding of the mentioned fields’develop trends. RUIDesign has run seminars for decision making level from many famous enterprises. We have shared our research results to them, and these results are highly accepted.
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