01.[Perspectives] Saline Water Light
Saline Water Light


What would you do with a cup of water and two spoons of salt?

Let me tell you a high end answer: I will make it light emitted. That is salt water light—SALt.

RUIDesign team has considered that it is difficult for people in very remote and poor areas in China to live electrified lives. Therefore, they designed this water and salt-powered LED light. It can be used for not only lighting but also power charging. Seawater applies to this light as well.

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02.[Perspectives] UNIKIA wireless charging electronic candle
This product is designed by UNIKIA, a design cluster brand from Norway. UNIKIA’s key emphasis in work is to find and develop products of innovative life in order to deal with people’s living pursuits. UNIKIA has launched 27 brands and over 250 products si




Hand Lamp


The lampshade is made of high-quality ground glass, and the handle is made of textured stainless steel. Combine traditional candle in memory and modern safe and energy-saving LED, this hand lamp can create perfect life atmosphere. It adopts the wireless charging method, and can be charged when user put it down.







Table Lamp


The lampshade is made of high-quality ground glass, and the base is made of ABS dull polish. Users only need to put it upside down and then put it right to light it up. Perfect user experience and sparkling candlelight effect add a romantic atmosphere to your dining-table or bedside. One short time charge will make the light bright all night.

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03.[Perspectives] Travelamp- a lamp could be installed on mobile phone


If you get up in the night, the harsh lights may affect your or your roomate’s following sleep. The big screen of your mobile phone won’t be the best choice either. Just take the Travelamp! It can be installed on the mobile phone’s camera, and the its light is so soft that it will makes the user feel very comfortable.




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04.[Perspectives] Light of Black, White, and Grey


LIGHT is the latest creation from studio in Tokyo. It is creative and full of design elements. The lampshade projected on the wall makes the light distinctive. There is another advantage is that you can stare at the light without others’ judgements.





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05.[Perspectives] Water faucet with light & bottle full of light


This is a brilliant idea. Place the open mouthed bottle under the specialized water faucet, the bottle will full of light, and light up the dark space. After running of the light, all you need is to put the bottle under the faucet to “fill”.


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06.[Perspectives] Solar Lighting Curtain


More and more designers begin to focus on usage of solar energy. 84 has introduced a curtain which collect solar energy in daytime and drive LED to light in evening. Blight is a more effective design which is more likely to be achieved. 


The solar electrooptical device of this curtain is a solar energy silicon panel. Solar energy collected in daytime are transformed into electrical energy and stored in the battery on the top. When the night comes, the electroluminescent materials on the window shades will give out light. The energy collected in the daytime can support the window shade keep lighting for serval hours.


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07.[Perspectives] Reflective Reading Light


It is a standing out design. The LED light source is installed at the bottom of the cylindric. There is a mirror on the metal shelf, and reverse the mirror you can shine everywhere you want to. Combine with retroreflector’s characteristics of “convex” and “concave”, you can avoid from affecting others when using the light.



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08.[Perspectives] 24 hour sunlight

final edition-filtered

It is a scene loved by most of people that sunlight come in through the window. Unfortunately, not every has a big south-facing french window.

This LED wall light fits into the wall very well. When the LED array is not lighting, nobody will notice it is behind the wall. When the LED array is lighting, the parallelogram-type luminous surface shines like the sunlight comes through the window. 

By the way,the more amazing thing is that if you use make half of the LED array warm light LED, you can switch between white light and yellow light. 




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09.[Perspectives] High-tech shining cobble


Luna Piedra looks like slippy cobble which is ubiquitous in streams. Unlike the slient cobbles, there are wholes in this high-tech cobbles. When putting them in the water, the water flow would drive the nanogenerator to produce power, and the built-in OLED would give out light. Comparing with traditional water landscape lamp, these manmade cobbles give out light without extra power supplying and pollytion. It also do not need installation. – – !!!



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10.[Perspectives] Light Blossom


Light blossom is a special conceptual streetlight named by Philips. Its appearance in the night is an ordinary light gives out light . Its specialty is it blossoms in the daytime to collect solar energy. It can also change directions follow the sun, like sunflowers. When the wind comes, it shrinks slowly and turns with the wind. When the evening comes, the petals come back together like a flower bud. Proper light comes from the LED inside the flower bud, and changes according the movement of pedestrian.

It is a concept put forward by Philips in 2008. They said that “You may see it on the street in few years”. Unfortunately, we still have not seen it in our life years later. 



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11.[Perspectives] Smart Table Lamp measures light


Different degrees of light are needed in different times. Normally we would choose lamps with dimming switch. This smart table lamp could dim the light in a more convenient way: one can touch the panel with his finger, and scribe a length. LED inside the lamp will shine the degree as the length he scribes. Scribe on the panel rapidly can turn off the lamp.




12.[Perspectives] Light Hidden in the Bookshelf

This is a design in the bookshelf. It looks as ordinary bookshelf in the daytime, and when the evening comes, the LED behind the lattice will give out light, and light upon the profile of things put on the shelf. 

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13.[Perspectives] The Power of Nature

The power of nature always make people moved from the heart. Just like the storm across the sky in thunderstorm night, or the epiphyllum blooms in silent night. This affects is mixed of various of detailed emotions: sense of revere, surprise or something like this. Works from Paul Cocksedge bring similar feelings to people.

Paul Cocksedge borned in 1979, and he is a young star designer of Royal College of Art in Britain whose works have covered the fields of architecture and products. His concepts are diversified and interesting which have encompassed multiple of knowledge theories include physics, chemistry and so on. Paul’s teacher in college is Ron Arad who has established the Ron Style. Ron Arad has brought a big impact to Paul not only on knowledge but also on his design direction and system.

Young British Designer Paul Cocksedge

“What Professior Arad has influenced me most is that he encouraged us to design for more than one specific area. As long as you got an idea and no matter what it is about, you can achieve it according to your thought. He keeps designing transboundry and communicating with us. His spirit really inspires us.”

Bulb is one of Paul’s major works. This work has become a vase lamp named Life 01 developed by Luminaire Design Brand Flos. Veins of plants is used as a electrical conductor because there is water in them. When you fill the vase with water and put a flower in it, the vase will become a bright lamp. There is no secret components inside the vase, and the life of plants is the resource of the lamp. So if the plant withers and have no water inside its body, the lamp goes out.You will need another flower to light it up.

(Life 01)2009

Kiss is Paul’s first work brought to Shanghai. “Design is people-oriented”is the princeple Paul has insisted on and developed. The prototype of Kiss is created in 2009 when Paul designed this  lighting interactive fixture. Interaction between people become a part of this work. When people stand on the platform of this device and kiss, the moment when two person’s lips touching others, those two person become a part of the electric current, and the whole lighting devices in the dome of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Kiss was shown as the mistletoe and Christmas tree at the Govent Garden Plaza in London in 2010 and Xintiandi in Shanghai in 2013. It is said that Kiss in 2015 will be a tree floating in the air, and their won’t be trunk in the tree. People will kiss under the tree in the air, and light up the tree and sky surround.

Paul’s work Kiss in London in 2009. Couples kiss with holding mistletoe, and the Christmas tree is lighted up.

14.[Perspectives] Buld that “eats”colors
This bulb named Colorup is designed by PEGA Design & Engineering. Colorup is a wireless bulb. When you scrab it, it changes color according to the environment. All you need is to place the tip of Colorup to the tip of an object and scrap it. The buld will change into the color of the object it sensed. It can give out lights of hundreds of colors.

Colorup is mainly made of silica gel. Its elastic characteristic allows you grab and squeeze. It gives out lights of hundreds of colors through frequency measurement and transformation technique. A balance is needed between thickness of silica gel and lighting intensity. Thicker silica gel require brighter lighter source, and lighter source need larger battery.

15.[Perspectives] Lights from Heaven


It would be the saddest thing if your family member of friend dies. However, since the dead has rested in peaces, people living can only wish them and live continue to take their own lives. Designer from Japan Aya Kishi has broken the depressing and gloomy design of tombstone, and added tiny prisms on tombstones. When sunlight comes onto the prisms, colorful lights will be relected. These are lights from heaven, and it proves people we loved are happy there.




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