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[Research] Analysis of lighting needs

Basic theory: emotion theory of Schacht

Emotion is a result of integration of cognitive process, physiological state and environmental factors in the cortex. Stimulating factors from the environment import information of the outside world to the cortex through the receptor; physiological factors import information of physiological state changes to the brain through activities of internal organs and skeletal muscles; cognitive process is recall of past experiences and evaluation of current situation. Information from those three parts is integrated by the cortex, and emotion appears. 

We translate the above-mentioned theory as a work system named “emotional arousal model”. This model includes three subsystems: the first one is intuitive analysis of  imported information from outside; the second one is the inside model affects the outside world which is established in long life experience, including  expectations for the past, present, and future; the last one is the comparing system between intuitive analysis of the real situation and cognition of past experience, the so called“ cognitive comparator”which has huge activating organs of biochemical and neural system and connect with effector organs. 

这he hard core part of this emotion arousal is cognition. Comparing current real stimulation with experience stored in past memory through cognitive comparator, and cognitive comparator will give out message when intutive analysis and cognition. Biochemical and neural mechanism will release chemical substances to change neuro activated state of the brain and get the body to adopt demands of current situation. At this time, emotion is aroused.

The construction of light demand model


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